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Homeowner Essentials: 3-in-1 Home Fire Safety Kit

Take Charge of Your Family’s Safety. It’s in Your Hands.

The home is more than a structure—it houses the people we love and everything we hold dear. If even a small fire that is swiftly extinguished can result in thousands of dollars of damage, think about what an uncontrollable fire can do to your home in a matter of minutes and the lives it would endanger. We cannot leave the safety of those under our care to chance. Be one step ahead. Invest in safeguarding your home from fire emergencies and educating all occupants on fire safety. Make full use of BSE’s CNY sale and equip yourself with the Homeowner Essentials: 3-in-1 Home Fire Safety Kit now! This comprehensive starter pack includes a portable fire extinguisher, a smoke alarm and a fire blanket to protect your family by alerting you in case of a fire, preventing its spread and minimising its damage.

Accidental Fire statistics

One small accident will cause more damage then you think!


In 2019, base on SCDF annual fire Incidents Statistics Report, SCDF Responded to 2,862 fire calls in 2019, an increase of 7.8% from 2,656 in 2018.

Out of a Total of 2,862, 40.8% of fire incidents occurs at the residential Premises that is an alarming 1,168 homes affects by Fire. 

Sources by SCDF:

Due to the unpreparedness of our community and also the lack of proper equipment, a mere fire that could potentially be stopped before it spreads becomes fatal. 

Unattended cooking fire, forms the largest causes of fire in residential buildings and other  potential fire hazard such as Electrical, Discarded Items and Household contents is equally high.

As we work towards a Total Fire Safety for All, BSE urge everyone to work together as one, be prepared and be well-equipped to Prevent Accidental Fires from happening so that you can protect your properties and keep your families safe.

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Fire Blanket Specifications


(H)1.20M X (L) 1.80M




Tested by TUV_SUB_PSD, Standard BS 476. Part 7: 1997


0.38mm Thick


100% Fibre Glass Material


Fitted with flame proof handles


Uses Kevlar threads to ensure the highest integrity.


Installation and Usage Guide provided


(H)39.5CM X (L)11CM

12 BAR


A&B, 13A:55B

-20°C - +60°C



Working Pressure:

Shooting Range:

Fire Class/ Rating

Temperature Range:

- Suitable for Class A & B

- Installation and Usage Guide provided

Benefits of having 3-in-1 

Home Fire Safety Kit !!!

Easy to Install

Detects early stage of Fire

Minimizes and Prevents Damage

Protects your Property & Family 


Fire Extinguisher Specifications

Class A: Fire caused by Paper, Wood, Textile & Rubber.

Class B: Fire caused by Petrol, Oil, Paints & Flammable Liquid.

Fire Smoke Alarm Specifications

- Long-life lithium-ion battery sealed, 10        years in standby condition.

- Wireless portability and easy installation.

- Easy usage (Hush mode) to silence your    smoke alarm momentarily.

- Sensitivity test button for                          circuitry batteries and horn

- Early detection for all domestic fire.

- Installation and Usage Guide provided.

For more information about this 3 - in - 1 please visit our FAQ Page.


Think of your loved ones and start preparing yourself today!

Only you can make a difference for your home and keep our community A Total Fire Safety for All

Get yours today! Simply click on the button below to order, Quick and Easy.

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