Prosperity and Preparedness

Greetings to all,

As this Lunar New Year coincides with Total Defence Day, which is annually commemorated on 15 February, let us appreciate the peace and security our nation enjoys as we usher in the Year of the Dog together with our loved ones.

Total Defence is one of the foundations of nation-building in Singapore. Among the Five Pillars of Total Defence, Fire Safety is one of the subsets of Civil Defence, that focuses on managing emergencies we may face in our daily lives. These emergencies, such as fire incidents and false alarms, are major disruptions to our daily lives and businesses, that we can better manage if we are better prepared.

During this festive season, BSE also wishes to thank our unsung heroes the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), building management, security guards, and the fire safety companies -- whom we partner to achieve Total Fire Safety and in bringing you the best products and delivering the best services for the safety of properties and lives under your watch. We believe that everyone plays a part in protecting and defending our nation, to make her a safer and prosperous place for our loved ones.


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