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We at B.S. Engineering Co. Pte Ltd (BSE) focus on providing Singapore with the most reliable fire safety services, making us a stable leader in the industry. With 40 years of experience, we are here to offer our customers quality service and equipment to protect our families and loved ones.


In 1975, our founder, Mr Anthony Tan, embarked on the BSE venture. He relied on his enterprising spirit to motivate himself to better serve the industry. He inspired many, including his son, Mr Joseph Tan, who later succeeded the company and brought us to a higher plane.


BSE began by servicing industrial buildings before advancing to commercial and residential buildings. Our emphasis on customer service and professionalism has garnered us a strong and loyal customer base. We strive to foster deeper relationships with our customers and suppliers based on trust and mutual understanding.


We are reliable through our efficiency and responsiveness to emergency calls and urgent jobs around the clock.  As quality fire safety measures can make the difference between life and death, we have in every of our services rendered through the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Our insistence on service excellence and professionalism has made us one of the pioneer companies to receive the approval to maintain fire extinguishers in Singapore.


In 2004, Mr Anthony Tan handed over the establishment and life-long mission towards fire safety to his son, Mr Joseph Tan. With a sharp sense of the industry and ever readiness to strike, Mr Joseph Tan has since brought in numerous transformations to BSE.


Moving forward, BSE is ready to excel and lead in the ever changing landscape of the future economy. By staying enterprising and innovative, we will further our capabilities and service offerings to realise our vision towards total fire safety for all.

Total Fire Safety
for All

We focus on bringing you the best products and delivering the best services for the safety of properties and lives under your watch. With the wealth of experience, you can count on us now, and in many years to come.

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