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Essential: 3 - in - 1 Home Fire Safety Kit

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How Safe Is Your Dream Home? Take Charge of Your Family's Safety. It's in Your Hands

The home is more than a structure—it houses the people we love and everything we hold dear. If even a small fire that is swiftly extinguished can result in thousands of dollars of damage, think about what an uncontrollable fire can do to your home in a matter of minutes and the lives it would endanger. We cannot leave the safety of those under our care to chance. Be one step ahead. Invest in safeguarding your home from fire emergencies and educating all occupants on fire safety. Make full use of BSE’s CNY sale and equip yourself with the Homeowner Essentials: 3-in-1 Home Fire Safety Kit now! This comprehensive starter pack includes a portable fire extinguisher, a smoke alarm and a fire blanket to protect your family by alerting you in case of a fire, preventing its spread and minimising its damage.


This 3-in-1 Home Fire Safety kit is ONLY to be used for Small Fire which can extinguished by a Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket. If the fire have reignited, spread or grown beyond  extinguishing attempt, please evacuate immediately and call 995 when you're safe to do so.

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