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A Sea of Familiar Faces

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, BSE’s annual Dinner and Dance was made possible again.

Such events hold a special place in our hearts as they often serve as reunions for BSE’s staff — an opportunity to gather with our colleagues and their families.

The evening’s activities commenced with official announcements and the appreciation of our staff’s dedication, service and achievements.

In his speech, our managing director, Joseph Tan, reflected on the resilience displayed by our teams during the difficult past two years and the milestones we have crossed. For instance, how our brave frontliners (Technical Department) have put themselves at risk to continue providing support in the everyday maintenance of our clients’ buildings and how we have befriended technology to adapt to the rapid changes around us.

Next, we looked back on the other ways in which BSE has contributed to the community. Some of the recipients of our charitable donations have been the Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution, New Hope Community Services, Singapore Rotary Club and Blood Donation Drive - Singapore Red Cross. In doing so, BSE hopes to increase awareness and develop community connections.

Things, then, took a more lighthearted turn as the performances and games began. The room was filled with excited chatter, occasionally punctuated with outbursts of laughter.

As always, the final lucky draw segment brought the flurry of socialising to a standstill. Fortunate winners from almost every group represented at the event went home with coveted prizes, which our business partners generously sponsored.

Surviving and thriving in the fire safety industry for 47 years is no small feat. Therefore, we are grateful for such opportunities to celebrate the company, our leaders and our staff.



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