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Protecting Your Building through Fire Preventive Maintenance

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Fire safety is important to all users of a building. Keeping your building safe from fire hazards is as important as keeping your building services functioning for all users to enjoy their visit — this is where Fire Preventive Maintenance comes in.


An integral part of fire safety is Fire Preventive Maintenance to safeguard lives and properties. It is considered part of the building requirements, under the Fire Safety Act (Chapter 109A), where it is mandatory for every building to ensure that its fire safety systems are reliable and operations are optimised against fire risk and false alarms.


A properly planned and executed Fire Preventive Maintenance programme will minimize costly downtime and increase the longevity of your systems. With these pre-emptive measures in place, you can enjoy peace of mind while getting value-added incentives from your fire safety systems.

The impact of NOT having such a programme may result in the operational failure of building services. The consequences may be costly, such as injury and loss of life, structural damage, compromised building security, costly disruptions, loss of data and negative impacts on public relations. We would not want building tenants and visitors to be uncertain, fearful and at risk when visiting a building.


At BSE, we believe in the effectiveness of Fire Preventive Maintenance and provide Maintenance Contracts that can be tailored to your building systems’ requirements and needs.

Working with other responsible parties such as building owners, council members, and MCST managing agencies, we assist our customers on this journey with professional guidance and routine servicing and inspections.

What do we actually do in Fire Preventive Maintenance?

Activities via Fire Preventive Maintenance Programme:

  • Complying with the design of system requirements

  • Inspection, testing, servicing and maintenance based on Standard Operating Procedures

  • Repair and replacement works

  • Addition and alteration works

  • Building portfolio management

  • Fire risk compliance reviews

What are the types of Fire Preventive Maintenance Programme we provide?

  • Non-comprehensive

  • Tailored to your building systems and equipment requirements and needs

What are the types of Fire Preventive Maintenance Services we provide in the Programme?

  • Fire Alarm System (Conventional and Addressable Types)

  • Mechanical Ventilation System

  • Dry Riser System

  • Voice Communication System (PA and Fireman Intercom)

  • Wet Riser System

  • Kitchen Suppression System

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

  • Fire Hydrant System

  • Portable Fire Extinguisher

  • Fire Extinguishing System (FM200)

  • Fire Hose-reel System

  • Fire Pump and Other Pump Systems

  • Fire Water Tank

  • Exit Sign and Emergency Lighting

  • Person with Disabilities (PWD) System

  • Standby Generator Set System


  1. Ensure that the building environment is free from FIRE HAZARDS

  2. Ensure that your Fire Protection systems and equipment are easily ACCESSIBLE for use in the event of emergency

  3. Ensure GOOD HOUSEKEEPING of the systems and equipment

  4. Ensure that a WELL-PLANNED and EXECUTED MAINTENANCE PROGRAMME is curated with a reliable Fire Protection Specialist

  5. Ensure that DEFECTS ARE REPORTED and ACTIONS ARE TAKEN to rectify them in a timely manner

Allow us to set your mind at ease by ensuring that your fire safety systems are always functioning optimally and operationally ready for emergencies.

If you are keen on BSE’s Fire Preventive Maintenance services, kindly call or email us to conduct a site survey for the maintenance of your systems and equipment.

Disclaimer: All facts and opinions presented are for educational purposes only. Please consult our competent professional for expert technical or other assistance and advice.



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