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The Fire Drill and Demonstration Exercise: Preparation That Saves Lives

Ever wondered why Fire Drill and Demonstration Exercises are necessary? Ever thought you had better things to do with your time? Well, such exercises are conducted to prepare us so that we can take better care of each other in times of crisis.

These drills and demonstrations fall under the Emergency Response Plan (ERP)—the updated plan that combines and covers the response measures for various kinds of fire and fire-related incidents in buildings.

What kind of establishments require an ERP?

  • Public buildings with an occupant load of more than 200 persons in which a Fire Certificate is issued. E.g. Office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, places of public interest, etc.

  • Industrial premises which require a Fire Safety Manager (FSM) and satisfy any of these criteria: 1) floor area or site area of at least 5,000 square metres; 2) occupant load of at least 1,000 persons

Who is responsible for the ERP?

According to SCDF regulations, it is the duty of owners or occupiers of the specified building types to

  • Prepare the ERP within 6 months from the commencement of the Fire Safety Amendment Act

  • Prepare the ERP in accordance with the guidelines issued by SCDF

  • Form a Fire Safety Committee to plan and conduct fire safety programmes including fire evacuation drills and table-top exercises

  • Review and update the ERP annually

The parties involved are:

  • Building owner(s)

  • Facilities management agency personnel

  • Fire Safety Manager (where required by regulations for certain building premises)

  • Fire Contractors

How often are these exercises conducted?

According to SCDF regulations,

  • 2 evacuation drills and 2 table-top exercises are required to be conducted annually

  • However, for those premises which do not require the appointment of Fire Safety Manager (FSM), only 2 evacuation drills will have to be conducted annually

ERP procedure

Fire Drill and Demonstration: Table-top exercise (TTE)

  • Scenario-driven exercise for participants to derive solutions to likely scenarios of emergencies in the building

  • Based on ERP of the building premises

BSE partners with the coordinating committee of the building premises to assist in

  • Managing the Fire Alarm System and other associated fire-fighting equipment and systems

  • Conducting a Fire Demonstration using common fire-fighting equipment

Call or email us today to arrange for a Fire Drill and Demonstration Exercise at your building premises!


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