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What the BSE Brand Relaunch means to me as a customer?

B.S. Engineering is now BSE. Why?

B.S. Engineering has been around in Singapore since 1975 and is one of the veterans in the fire safety industry.

Since then, we have continuously expand into broader portfolio of products and services offerings to cater to the needs of our valuable customer over the years. This brand relaunch symbolize a transition into a new phase for B.S. Engineering and our customers.

We are now known as BSE and we aim to serve you better to

  • Deliver a consistent customer experience in our brand

  • Update ourselves with market trends in the local and global industry

  • Establish customer experience norms

  • Standardize service procedures

  • Modernized outlook for the future

What do we expect of the new BSE brand experience?

The new BSE brand relaunch will not affect the quality, functionality or usage of the products we offer.

For the next site visit, our esteemed clients and customers will observe some changes, such as:

  • New service team outlook, uniform, van, letterhead and document changes; and,

  • New communication channels eg digital: Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and traditional: new marketing materials; and,

  • Digitized data management for greater transparency and clarity, and availability and accessibility to information; and,

  • Dedicated service teams allocated to better understand your needs and serve you better; and,

  • More products, and services to fulfill BSE’s commitment in fire safety protection, prevention, and precaution as our mission towards our clients and customers; and,

  • Better curated customer experience to provide a consistent, accessible, and pleasant user experience.

We have provided a sneak peek of our new brand and design during the last week of December 2017. The official rollout of the new branding will take place in early January 2018. Prior to then, you may see selective implementation of the new branding in key advertising and digital marketing properties.

Any changes to me as a customer?

Yes, there are some changes

1. B.S. Engineering is known and referred to as BSE.

  • Note: The legal entity name will remain as B.S. Engineering Co Pte Ltd.

2. Dedicated technical service teams in charge of your account

  • Your locations will be tagged accordingly to the geographic locations ie north, south, east, and west. The respective teams will be introducing themselves to you in person.

  • They will be your reliable partners, dedicated to service with just one call away.

3. One-stop customer service

  • All your queries will be directed to our dedicated customer service teams to serve you better.

  • They will get back to you regarding all matters pertaining to your accounts with BSE, such as administrative, technical and financial aspects.

4. New outlook

  • We hope you will like our new uniform, new van designs, and our new documentation layout.

  • Note: We will continue to recognise and service the old BS Engineering labels for your convenience.

In short, there is no action required from you. We appreciate all the years of support from you. Kindly continue to support us as we move forward together.


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