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Your Committed Fire Safety Partner Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and impact countries globally, Team BSE would like to express our support for everyone directly and indirectly affected by the virus. Please rest assured—not only will we continue to safeguard your fire safety systems with utmost dedication, but we have also implemented additional safety protocols in line with MOH and MOM advisories as the well-being of our clients, staff and community is our top priority.

Our Heartfelt Appreciation for All Frontline Professionals

First and foremost, we sincerely thank everyone on the frontline for risking their lives daily so that the rest of the population is kept safe and can carry on with life with as little disruption as possible. In times of crisis, it is truly heartening to witness the best of humanity on display through these selfless individuals.

Caring for the BSE Family

At BSE, the safety of all our customers, suppliers and employees matter greatly. Thus, we have implemented several enhanced precautionary measures with regards to our engagement with you:

  • Temperature taking exercises are mandatory and conducted twice daily.

  • Staff with a fever or other flu-like symptoms are not to come to the office or participate in any work activities. Instead, they are to seek medical attention while we check in with them regularly.

  • Safe distancing measures have been implemented among workstations.

  • Our office will conduct temperature screenings and issue health and travel declaration forms for all visitors. Unfortunately, we will not be able to allow entry to anyone with a fever or other flu-like symptoms, or who have recently travelled to restricted countries.

  • Our office will be cleaned more thoroughly and frequently to ensure a safe environment for our staff and visitors.

  • Our staff will be screened before they enter your building premises.

  • Each team will only consist of five members or less.

  • Our teams will be constantly updated with the latest information on the COVID-19 situation so we can respond swiftly.

  • Our staff have been trained to ensure business continuity to support the building operations on-site.

Although these measures are necessary, we are also aware that they may be disruptive to your experience. Therefore, we seek your kind understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Our dedicated customer support team is always on standby, committed to providing you with any assistance you may need.

Weathering Through This Crisis Together

We admit that these are troubling times, especially for the most vulnerable individuals in our society. But, just as we were able to overcome adversities in the past as a country, let us continue to persevere together, acting responsibly and extending help to those around us. This health emergency is also a timely reminder of why Total Defence should be part of our daily lives, seeing that this pandemic has affected society at almost every level. Let us remain #SGUnited.

In closing, all of us at BSE would like to wish you and your loved ones enduring good health and well-being. We are grateful for your continued support and understanding.


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