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How Safe Is Your Dream Home? Take Charge of Your Family’s Safety. It’s in Your Hands.


The home is more than a structure—it houses the people we love and everything we hold dear. If even a small fire that is swiftly extinguished can result in thousands of dollars of damage, think about what an uncontrollable fire can do to your home in a matter of minutes and the lives it would endanger. We cannot leave the safety of those under our care to chance. Be one step ahead. Invest in safeguarding your home from fire emergencies and educating all occupants on fire safety.

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(PRE-ORDER) Homeowner Essentials: 3-in-1 Home Fire Safety Kit

$108.00 Regular Price
$93.00Sale Price
  • Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
    General Description

    Capacity 2.0KG
    Whole Height 395MM
    Diameter of Body 110MM
    Gross Weight 3.58KG
    Working Pressure 12 BAR
    Shooting Range 3 METRE
    Fire Class/ Rating A&B, 13A:55B
    Temperature Range -20°C TO +60°C

    Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
    Packing List

    Part Name Quantity
    Smoke Alarm 1 Piece
    Mounting Bracket 1 Piece
    Screw 2 Pieces
    Anchor Plug 2 Pieces
    Manual 1 Piece

    Superior Features

    Battery LIthium-ion Battery sealed in the alarm to 
    lengthen its lifetime to 10 Years in standby
    Fashes approximately every 53 seconds
    confirming unit is powered.
    Low Battery
    Alarm beeps everywhere  53 seconds when 
    the battery needs replacing.
    Alarm Pause
    (Hush Mode)
    Silence your smoke alarm by momentarily
    pressing the test button when non-
    emergency smoke (e.g. steam) causes
    nuisance alarms.
    The red light flashes every 10 seconds to
    remind you that the smoke alarm has been
    silenced. The Alarm will automatically reset
    after 15 minutes.


    Fire Blanket
    Tested by TUV_SUD_PSD, Standard BS 476. Part 7: 1997

    Fire Blanket is made of 0.38mm Thick, 100% Fibre Glass material. The material has good drapability and is efficient and durable giving outstanding extinguishing power. It is fitted with flame proof handles and uses Kevlar threads to ensure the blanket retains its highest integriry, giving the user confidence in the fiercest of fires.

    Packing Specifications

    Size (m)
    1.20 X 1.80
    Packing Nett
    Weight (kg)
    Packing Size
    (cm() L X W X H
    16.0 x 34.5 x 3.5


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