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BSE Services

Maintenance of Building's Fire Safety Systems

Fire Protection focuses on protecting lives and properties efficiently and effectively through the installation of fire fighting systems in buildings and quality of the products and services provided. Early detection is crucial and fire alarm systems, which include heat detectors, smoke detectors, flame detectors, and alarm panels, detect fires at an early stage and help to evacuate occupants, notify relevant personnel, and guide firefighters.

Services Includes:

  • Management of Building's Fire Alarm System

  • Maintenance and Replacement Works for Fire Alarm Systems


Servicing of Fire Hose reel and Fire Extinguishers

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Additional and Alteration Works

Our prevention services also include the design of systems, repair and replacement works, addition and alteration works, building portfolio management, servicing and maintenance, and fire risk compliance reviews.

- Additional and Alteration of Sprinkler, Hose reel and Fire Alarm Works

- Reinstatement of Sprinkler, Hose reel and Fire Alarm Works

- Installation of FM200

- Installation of Kitchen-hood Fire Suppression System


Preparation & Submission of Drawings to SCDF 

- Technical Design of  Sprinkler, Hose reel and Fire Alarm System and Products

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