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Equipping Your Home with a Fire Safety Home Kit

Securing our homes is always a meaningful investment as the home plays a central part in our lives. To be a place of comfort for us and our loved ones, we need the assurance that it is a safe space.

Last week, BSE introduced A Quick Guide to Home Fire Safety, highlighting some danger zones in a house and useful tips to counter these risks. Today, we will focus on the importance of the Fire Safety Home Kit, which includes:

  • a Portable Fire Extinguisher – to be stored near your main door or exit for extinguishing manageable fires

  • a Fire Blanket – to be stored in the kitchen or near the exit for extinguishing kitchen fires, other small fires or someone whose clothes have caught fire

  • a Battery-Operated Smoke/ Heat Detector – to be installed in key locations within your home and regularly tested as it detects and alerts occupants to a fire outbreak, allowing everyone more time to act or evacuate

Based on new regulations for new buildings, Battery-Operated Smoke/Heat Detectors are a requirement. However, older unit owners are also encouraged to have these installed to enhance the quality of their fire protection.


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